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#latergram Celebrating Easter with a high carb vegan breakfast of oil free, salt free Pancakes and fruit shared with the best people in the world. @emmajoyfulford @ivorymjones @liamail @flowerluv

So proud of @emmajoyfulford this morning, over coming the traumatic experience of the Dentist Chair and still looks like an absolute Dime Piece.

Hey y’all, this is my MA @abfulford69 and her dog (youngest son) Harely. My MA is really cool. She’s been living the PlantSwag™ lifestyle for quiet sometime now. And as you can see Haley is swaggin hard to. Yes he’s a vegan dog and in much better health because of it..

I need a favor from everyone, my MA complains I don’t like her Instagram post often enough. Would you help me out by obnoxiously liking all her photos and give her a follow if you few inclined to! Her account is here 👉 @abfulford69 

Thanks y’all! Stay swaggin’!

#latergram My lady! All we’re tying to do is never be separated. And the only thing that does that is ‘making a living’. The American Dream can kiss our international ass. Trusting for ideas & opportunities that will make our dream come true. The entrepreneurship of our relationship is the richness in which we live. But bills gotta get paid! Like this post if you believe in ROMANTIC MAGIC.

And we’re under way! Fruit first! Today we planted 3 baby organic tangerine trees from seeds native to the Tampa Bay Area. The start of the PlantSwag™ Forest has begun. Thanks to Each One Teach One for hookin’ us up.

#TBT #throwbackthursday This was taken 2 days after we met and 1 day before I proposed in 2011. Before the PlantSwag™ hit us.

My westcoast bestie @benjamindunn is releasing his debut EP album with his new crew @thewildwild . I haven’t heard the whole album yet, it will be released in full on his wedding anniversary towards the end of April. But from what I get from him, it’s a sexy romantic vibe. The song ‘Alright’ confirms that and is a beautiful picture of the wise-foolishness and intense passion of true lovers. If you like synthy - dreamy tunes you gotta check these nigs out. Benjamin and his wife also have an Orphanage in Hyderabad, India called The Joy House! These guys are rad and you’ll want to keep up with them. Their Facebook link is temporarily in my profile.

Today marks two years of being blissfully sworn to @emmajoyfulford. In such a minute amount of time, the growth of our love has seen the better part of a few millenniums. Time stands still with every gaze, embrace, laugh, cry, and kiss. Not a day goes by that I don’t have to re-convince myself this is real life and we’ve really found each other.

Marriage in and of itself is not the rave, but within it lies the Object of my affection and the One satisfying my longing to be loved. She’s the rave I express. She’s the reason this is all so wonderfully grand.

Myriads of romantic days to be experienced in this next year. Happy Anniversary Emma! Thank you for forever being my greatest success!

Finding a safe haven in the heights & vastness of the Great Smokey Mountains. (at Clingmans Dome)

Keep your pigs ass and cow bobby juice. Just give me the PlantSwag™ and I’ll be okay. #highcarb #lowfat #swag